Archipelago Collections

Archipelago Collections

The first collection of Ichnos Watches is a tribute to the La Maddalena Archipelago and to the pioneering sports watchmaking of the 1960s, which inspired its technique and design.


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Wrist Addiction

Amico Orologiaio

Watch Maniac

La vita secondo Zio Paulie

Tempo e Misura

Project Watch

Daniele Barberio

Emilio Spider

The casket of Archipelago:
a treasure to be discovered

With its interior lined with fabric in bright blue tones, your Ichnos Arcipelago watch will arrive in an elegant wooden box that recalls the sailing boats and the clear waters of La Maddalena.

The packaging designed for the Arcipelago collection includes a glass porthole that allows you to immerse yourself at any time in the beauty of the first solotempo of Ichnos Watches.

The porthole tightened by six screws on the wood recalls the colors and style of the deck of an old yacht.

The box opens, like a chest that contains a hidden treasure, through a small mechanism that unlocks the lock.

Inside a double level will allow you to hold the essential accessories for the use of your Ichnos Archipelago watch.

Lo scrigno di Arcipelago